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Who is 4th Talent?

Our mission is to help people flourish in a digital world.   We do so by using predictive talent analytics to address talent-related implications for the workforce of the future.

By bringing together expertise in adult learning, psychology, organisational behaviour, HR & talent management, behavioural economics, change management, predictive modelling and technology, we provide a set of globally leading solutions to help organisations identify, develop and deploy talent.


Our Platforms enable hyper-individualised solutions for the workforce of the future that drive immediate and future business performance.



4th Talent are deep specialists in predictive talent analytics and its implications for the future workforce

Our work focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the talent management space. Our technology platforms enable Hyper-personal solutions for the workforce of the future and offer an end to end talent management solution which has been modularised according to the employee life-cycle. 

Learning & Development

  • We recognise the tremendous challenge facing organisations and individuals to keep up with the rapid rise of Industry 4.0.
  • Simply put, we are passionate about helping people flourish in this world.
  • We will work with you to design a journey that works for you and gives you the opportunity to provide high value consulting services to your client.

Career Mobility

We realise that simply telling people to adapt is not enough and that attracting, sourcing, developing and deploying talent in this new world of work, is tough.

So we bring science, research and augmented intelligence to talent management to help people and organisations craft development & transformation journeys that work for them.

agile workforce

We base our approach on hyper-personalised, intelligent and scientifically-backed solutions.

Our propriety algorithms enable us to scientifically match key success factors & competencies to the specific role & project requirements while taking your clients culture into account.

You benefit from our wide global experience and proven capability in adult learning, psychology, organisational behaviour, HR & talent management, behavioural economics, change management, predictive modelling and technology across many industries.

Are you ready for the future world of work?

Guiding you through building industry 4.0 fit talent.


One of a kind technology solution supported by a consulting team of experts to deliver world first innovations in Talent Management solutions. Deep experience in:

•Adult Learning Theory and methodology
•Accelerated Learning
•Educational Psychology
•Organisational Behaviour
•Behavioural Economics
•Talent Management
•Human Resource Management and Practice
•Management Consulting
•Coaching and mentoring
•Quantum Leadership
•Enneagram (5 Lens approach)
•Agile Change Management


Leading Artificial Intelligence Platform World first AI platform that intelligent predictive models to inform individualised Talent Management solutions. Our experienced team of 2 Solution Architects and 10 Developers customise our solutions to the client requirements. Their key skills include:
•Machine Learning (Supervised Learning)


Our team of 3 lead scientists with the assistance of 27 associate scientists ensure that our solutions are comprehensive and accurate by incorporating multidisciplinary predictive models. Our teams of scientist have more than 20 years experience in research and PhDs from different fields of study:
•Relevant to Talent, such as Psychology, Neuroscience, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Theory etc.
•Relevant to modelling, such as Genetics, Quantum Physics, Phylogenetics etc

The Future Of Talent Management

Our Services

4th Learner
  • Future skill & competency framework development
  • Hyper-individualised learning platform with curated content to enable rapid re-skilling and the development of a self-directed learning culture


4th career
  • Role-based competency & potential development
  • Hyper-individualised career management to enable strategic workforce planning and alignment
4th workforce
  • Access into Curated pool of professional talent
  • Our platform automatically assesses, matches, and structures, your project in a fully virtual Agile / Flexible environment.
  • Access into Cutting edge methodology, tools and on demand expertise

Building the SADEL Organisation

To meet the demands of the Fourth industrial revolutions organisations need to move towards embracing a SADEL mind set and structure. Self-directed; Agile; Digital; Exponential; Learning Organisations




To truly transform, people must transform, and this entails a shift in culture. Offering a thought leading approach to building an Agile worksforce.


Teams to perform

Analyzing future fitness and current dynamics to identify skill gaps, functioning and dysfunctioning behaviors and providing the roadmap to improved performance.

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